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Boudoir is Sexy!

Sexy isn't all about having a body type. It's expressing your whole self; mind, body and soul. Boudoir photography can be naughty or elegant. Why boudoir? There's something empowering about becoming vulnerable. A boudoir session is a way of saying "I love myself, just as I am." It is a journey of self-love. It is empowering. It is an unforgettable experience.

Boudoir is YOU!

It does not judge or have prejudices. There are no restrictions. It is for every woman who has ever lived. Boudoir is fun. 

During your session we smile, laugh and tell stories. I love getting to know the women I work with. Boudoir is intimate. I have never, ever, met a woman who was not nervous. So you are not alone in that. I make sure that by the end of your session you realize that you have had a fierce, brave and strong woman hiding inside you all along. There is no shame in boudoir. There is no shame in loving yourself and your photos. Boudoir is an experience that every woman should know.

I will guide you through every pose and step that we do. I guide you through posing, directing, and styling, but my joy is in providing a trans-formative experience that shows you the glorious, fabulous, gorgeous woman you are. I believe photographs become priceless memories of a moment in time, and that every woman should have the experience of owning the most beautiful photograph of themselves ever taken.

boudoir session fees start at $250